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Core Competence Facadology

Fassadologie Dreieck

We are part of a comprehensive competence network which dedicates all its efforts to research & development of integrative know how concerning the ecological triangle „facade, construction and technical facility management (TFM)”. We generate our according knowledge at first hand from research institutes, universities but also from daily experience.

With this competence network we offer a platform for further development and implementation of future-oriented facade concepts and tools and their interaction with the technical facility management (TFM) focussing on the following main fields:

• research & development of facade
• integrated TFM
• integrated photovoltaic
• energy and design-optimized glass technologies

The ecological triangle adds new dimensions to the overall building planning process. We will also actively take part in this process with our “facadology”.

You will reach direct access to the results of our qualified research & development work and take profit from the professional know how of our facadology platform.

Fassadologie Bilder