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The network for construction energetics, facadology, environmentally oriented energy systems & more



It is easy to participate in the blueberg network. According to the credo “partners and customers will recruit new partners” blueberg initiates a selection process as soon as you have become acquainted with a potential network.

What we aim at with this process is to identify the optimal network partner in order to maintain the high level of blueberg quality & professionalism on the market.

After selection, the qualified prospect will immediately become a full member of the blueberg network and will take advantage of this partnership from the very beginning. “Together on the road to success” is not only a plain promise of blueberg but is regarded with uttermost priority.

The blueberg network regards the following advantages as a promise towards his upcoming partners:

  • strategic acquisition and assurance of competences and qualifications concerning the ecological triangle “façade, structure and technical facility management” representing the building´s core energetic area
  • strategic development of additional business units such as building physics, facadology and building certification
  • exclusive licensing with territory protection
  • target-oriented basic and advanced trainings organized by the blueberg academy
  • access to current research & development results generated by blueberg and its network partners
  • immense savings of resources and costs due to direct access to a centralized know how data bank
  • long term assurance of know how for your own core business
  • increased quality assurance of your market presence due to external support
  • eased access to new customers and markets due to national presence and comprehensive performance portfolio
  • eased access to invitation and participation at tenders with complex multidimensional requirements
  • realisation of projects of nearly all dimensions
  • feed back (multiplication) for your own core business